Emergency Oxygen


Serious and life-threatening medical emergencies often cause oxygen to be depleted in the body leaving the victim at risk for shock. The Medic First Aid Emergency Oxygen program focuses on administering emergency oxygen to breathing and non-breathing persons, emergency oxygen delivery systems, and integrating pulse oximetry.

This Class Is Perfect For

Individuals who desire or are required to be trained in the administration of emergency oxygen.

Required For Successful Completion (Certification)

Written evaluation: required when specified by organizational, local, or state regulation. It is recommended for designated responders with a duty or employer expectation to respond in an emergency and provide first aid care.

Skills evaluation: All students must perform required skills competently without assistance.

Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives rather than a prescribed instruction time.

Course Details

Student : Instructor Ratio

12 : 1

Certification Period

2 Years

Student : Equipment Ration

6 : 1

Course Length

2 Hours